What Is A Wheelchair Virtual Challenge?

Here at Race At Your Pace we offer a range of monthly virtual challenges, including virtual challenges for wheelchair users! In this guide to our wheelchair virtual challenges, we explain all there is to know such as how they work and how you can get involved!

What is a Wheelchair Virtual Challenge?

Virtual challenges are goals that must be achieved within a certain amount of time, usually ‘goals’ are a mile amount for fitness virtual challenges. They may be completed by running, cycling, walking, swimming or rolling, depending on the challenge type you choose. A wheelchair virtual challenge is a fitness challenge for wheelchair users.

Virtual challenges are different to virtual races, as virtual challenges are completed over a longer period of time, say a month, whereas a virtual race is a one-time event completed in one session. Also, with virtual races, finishing times are usually uploaded online and ranked, but this is not the case with virtual challenges. They are, however, similar in the sense that they are ‘virtual’ and can be completed by anyone, anywhere in the world. Find out more about the difference between virtual races and challenges with our blog.

At Race At Your Pace, we do monthly virtual challenges, meaning participants have the entire month to complete the miles target they have chosen. We offer a range of distances for you to run, cycle, walk, swim, or roll, during the month. As you have the whole month to complete a challenge, you get to decide when you exercise, for how long, and what distance you cover. You choose a challenge that suits your level of ability and free time, then get to go at your own pace!

When you complete a virtual challenge successfully you even get a reward. We at Race At Your Pace give you a medal and certificate for every completed challenge!

How Does a Wheelchair Virtual Challenge Work?

As above described, participants will get a certain amount of time to cover a chosen distance in their wheelchair. This may vary across various virtual challenge providers, but here’s how Race At Your Pace wheelchair virtual challenges work:

  1. Enter a challenge.

Choose your distance, considering how much free time you have that month and how far you can manage, then enter! You can change your distance if you have to, but it’s best to choose a mile goal that may challenge you but is still attainable.

  1. Race at your pace!

Go ahead and complete your miles as and when you can! As you have the whole month to cover your miles in your wheelchair, you can go at a pace that suits you and your schedule. Just remember to keep track of the miles you roll!

  1. Submit your evidence.

Towards the end of your challenge month you will be prompted to submit your evidence. In order to get you medal, you’ll need to prove you completed your goals milage. Don’t worry if this sounds complex – we have a handy km to mile converter and evidence guide to help! You don’t need any fancy tracking technology either; written logs of your miles will do.

  1. Get your medal.

Once you’ve successfully completed your wheelchair challenge and submitted evidence, you will get your medal! Our high-quality medals are unique to each challenge type and each month there is a new design!

  1. Enter again.

If you enjoyed last month, why not enter again?! You may even want to increase your mile goal and push yourself harder. Or maybe you just want another gorgeous medal!

Benefits of Wheelchair Virtual Challenges

There are so many benefits to entering a wheelchair virtual challenge. Here are some of the top benefits of virtual challenges:


With wheelchair virtual challenges, you have the whole month to cover miles and can therefore complete the challenges whenever suits you, whether that’s evenings after work or just on the weekends. The convenience of monthly challenges mean you can fit fitness around your schedule, not the other way round.

Open to anyone

Whatever your fitness level or preferred exercise, there is a virtual challenge for you – including wheelchair users! With virtual challenges it doesn’t matter your age or ability, just choose the right challenge for you.

Go at your own pace

Virtual races or exercise groups may be intimidating as they are based on competition and others instead of personal fitness. With a virtual challenge, you can go at whatever pace you want without the pressure. Whether you feel slowed down by others or dislike competitions, being able to control your pace is ideal.

Complete anywhere

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can still complete your virtual challenge! Where a holiday may put a pause on other fitness, virtual challenges are not limited to location. You can be anywhere and still clocking the miles on your wheelchair.

Enter a Wheelchair Virtual Challenge

Still have some questions? No worries! Check out our FAQs webpage as your questions may be answered there, or get in touch with one of our friendly team!

Get started with wheelchair virtual challenges with Race At Your Pace from just £10! We have monthly virtual challenges for wheelchair users ranging from 2 miles to 100.

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