Quick Guides

Navigate our app like a pro!

Changing Your Distance

Change your distance at any time. Just log in to make the change, and your entry will be updated.

Adding Progress

Log in to your account to add challenge progress, whenever you like! You’ll also be able to keep track of your challenge on our progress bar!

Completing Your Challenge

You’ll need to mark your challenge as complete to claim your medal!

Add A Profile

Add a profile for everyone! Sign them up to new challenges, upload their evidence, and see their progress all under one account!

Swapping Profiles

After you’ve created new profiles, you’ll need to swap to them to see their challenges.

Editing and Deleting Evidence

Edit or delete progress entries you’ve added to your challenge through the timeline. Mistakes can be easily corrected!

Account Creation

Signing up for Race At Your Pace is easy! All you need is an email address to get started!

Connecting to Strava

It takes no time at all to connect our app to Strava to use your Strava activity on your challenge.

Apple Health

Connecting to Apple Health

It’s quick and easy to add your Apple Health activity to your account and entry!


Connecting to Fitbit

Use your Fitbit activity to add progress to your challenge. Connecting your app to Fitbit takes no time at all!