Benefits of Virtual Challenges

Virtual challenges are the latest trend to hit the fitness world, adored by both fitness fanatics and those getting into fitness for the first time. Able to be complete at anytime, anywhere, and by anyone, these challenges fit around lifestyles and abilities giving users the opportunity to exercise without feeling like it’s a chore.

We’ve collated all the top benefits of virtual challenges, but we are sure you can think of more…

What is a Virtual Challenge?

Before explaining how amazing virtual challenges are, we need to clarify exactly what one is.

Virtual challenges are online fitness goals that require you to run, walk, swim or cycle a certain distance in a set timeframe. Often, you receive a physical reward for all your hard work, aside from increased fitness and pride.

Beginning your fitness journey with a virtual challenge is surprisingly easy, all you need to do is choose your method of exercise, whether it be foot, bike, or water, choose your achievable distance, and off you go. Keep track of your progress, send it off as evidence, and a reward will be on its way to you.

Race At Your Pace is passionate about getting people out and active, with our challenges spanning a month ranging from a couple of miles to hundreds. Whether you are an athlete or complete novice, there is a challenge to suit you.

Benefits of Virtual Challenges

As you can imagine, virtual challenges have many affordances, and are extremely appealing to those with a hectic lifestyle who desire flexibility. Here are some of the reasons we love virtual challenges:

  1. Location, Location, Location

With a virtual challenge, it doesn’t matter where you complete it, as long as you do it within the time frame. Gone are the days of using travel as an excuse not to exercise – just be sure to pack your trainers!

These challenges are a great excuse to explore the local area, make use of large parks, and discover scenic routes. Even if you are on holiday, you can still get out and about to complete your goal, read our blog for running on holiday tips.

Hate the outdoors? Get to the gym and use the treadmill! Virtual challenges are super convenient and fit around your lifestyle and location.

  1. Complete at Your Pace

As long as you reach your mile goal by the end the month, it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go. You can quite literally race at your pace.

Account for your ability and set your pace to whatever works for you. Don’t push yourself too hard and risk injuring yourself, you have plenty of time to reach your goal.

Equally, set a tough target and you will feel more obliged to get out on days when you lack motivation.

So, set a target that challenges you but one that you feel is achievable; the beauty of it is, you can always raise your distance the next month.

  1. Exercise Whenever

Detest the rush to make your gym class straight after work? Can’t get childcare while you’re at running club? Or simply prefer to do your own thing? Virtual challenges give you the freedom to exercise whenever suits you.

It doesn’t matter if you want to run at the crack of dawn or cycle at midnight, as long as you are working towards your goal.

There is no pressure to sacrifice your precious evenings or fun-filled weekends, you can exercise if and when you prefer.

  1. Involve Others

Virtual challenges are affordable and accessible to pretty much anyone, so why not get a friend to join you?

Exercising with a friend can elevate a boring workout to a giggle filled catch up while you both rack up the miles. On tough days your friend can help motivate you to get out and active, especially if you are particularly competitive and want to beat their record times.

Make your virtual challenge a family ordeal and get your kids involved. Race At Your Pace offers smaller kids challenges to encourage the whole family to get fit. You never know, going for a picturesque walk may become a family favourite weekend activity.

  1. Flexible

Scared to commit to something because you lead a very unpredictable and hectic life? Virtual challenges are for you.

If you need to take a day or two off, do it. You can improve your fitness, regardless of what life throws at you.

Additionally, if you think you won’t be able to reach your goal, due to ability or injury etc., you can change your goal (as long as you do it in time). This way, you still get a shiny medal at the end, without pushing yourself to an unrealistic target.

  1. Encouraging Exercise

The final, and arguably the best, benefit of virtual challenges is that they are incredibly motivating. Everyone knows that exercise is good for them, but that doesn’t mean everyone is active. Virtual challenges help make exercising less intimidating by breaking up achievable goals into chunks, with the promise of a prize.

Knowing you are working towards a shiny medal encourages even the most reluctant to get moving. Also, it’s a great achievement to be able to gloat about to your friends.

Once you complete one month, you’ll be surprised at how keen you are to do another, most likely increasing your miles too!

People really love the flexibility and ease of being in charge of their own workout schedule – but don’t take out word for it, check out our testimonials.

Take Part in a Virtual Challenge

Get started on your own personal virtual challenge with Race At Your Pace. Our monthly challenges are designed to fit around your lifestyle and fitness level. Sign-up today!

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