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For UK participants, entry for the run, walk, bike, swim, step, wheelchair and multi-activity challenges is just £14.95. You can add any extras such as a compression top or personalised distance medal to your entry on the entry form.

Kids challenges are £11.95.

For overseas participants there is a £5.00 charge to cover international postage.

You can have your medal personalised with your exact distance for the month!

For example, if you entered a standard 50 mile challenge and completed this by covering 56 miles we would send your medal with 50 miles on it as you’d reached your target. However, if you had opted for a personalised distance medal we would engrave the medal with your actual total for the month, 56!

Not only can you have your medal engraved with your challenge distance for the month, but you can now have this on your training top too!

Whichever challenge you’re taking part in, you can choose to have the month and challenge distance put on your training top! Your top will always be the same distance as your medal and feature a design to match too. Click here to see this month’s design and don’t forget to add yours to your entry!

We start despatching medals towards the end of the challenge. We’ll send you an email to let you know when yours is on its way!

Medals for the UK will usually be delivered within 5 days, or 10 days for international deliveries.

If you complete your challenge early in the month, your medal will still be sent towards the end of the challenge. If you do complete early, remember you can increase your distance if you’d like to! You can log in here to do so!

Simply open the challenge and hit the pink ‘add progress’ button. Enter your miles, km or steps, and add the date. If you have any screenshots to add, you can do that here too.  Then click save and you’re all done!

You can also link your Race At Your Pace app with Strava, Fitbit or Apple Health! Just tap to add progress and choose ‘connect with tracking apps’, or choose ‘manage connections’ from the menu.

Remember, you can add progress whenever you like. If you want to add it multiple times a day or perhaps just once a month, thats absolutely fine.

Of course! As long as you’ve completed your challenge distance, you don’t have to upload the evidence.

You’ll still need to mark your challenge as complete. To do this, find your challenge in the challenges tab and tap ‘finish challenge’.

For more help with this, see our quick guide here.

The suggested size guide is below. Please bear in mind the tops are compression tops and are designed to have a tight fit.


S – 8-10
M – 10-12
L – 12-14
XL – 14-16
2XL – 16-18
3XL – 18-20


S – 88cm
M – 92cm
L – 96cm
XL – 100cm
2XL – 104cm
3XL – 108cm

If you’d like to do this that isn’t a problem at all! In fact, our multi-activity challenge is perfect for you! On this challenge you choose your target distance and can complete the miles with any activities you like!

Yes, you can! If you tap ‘add progress’ in your account you’ll see the option there to add in your km.

Your progress will be automatically converted into miles, and added to your totals!

Definitely! We have wheelchair challenges available, just click here to find out more!

You have the entire month to complete all of our challenges. Even if you join the challenge after the challenge has begun, all the miles or steps you’ve covered from 1st still count!

They absolutely can! Under 16s can take part in run, walk, cycle, swim, step and wheelchair challenges, with distances selected especially for them! Click here to find out more!

We know that many children aren’t able to record the miles they cover, but if they want to keep track of their progress they can print and colour in their very own tracker, with a different design each month! Click here to get yours!

Remember that your children will have their own profile inside your account, just tap the initials in the top right of your screen and choose ‘change profile’ to see their challenges!

The training tops are sent out at the end of the challenge. All you need to do is mark your challenge as complete to let us know if you were able to complete your challenge or not. If you were, we will send your medal and top, if not just your top.

If you purchase a clearance or club top then these will be despatched straight away.

Absolutely! The challenges are open to everyone, everywhere. Unfortunately, if you’re outside the UK it is more expensive to post your pack so there is a £5 P&P charge.

If you live in the US, please see our American site:

As of January 2021, if you live in Sweden, Denmark or Switzerland please note that your country will now charge you import tax on any packs we send. We are not able to reimburse these charges.

Even if you sign up after 1st of the month, any miles you have covered from the start of the month will count towards your challenge. We always advise you to sign up as early as you can though.

If it’s looking like you’re not going to be able to complete your challenge, please don’t worry! You can log in before marking your challenge as complete to lower your target distance so you can still get your medal! Alternatively, you can email us to add a personalised distance medal to your challenge and your medal will be engraved with your total distance, even if it’s not your original target. This will also need to be done before the challenge is marked complete though.

If you get to the end of the month and haven’t been able to complete your challenge, don’t forget you can still receive your training top if this was added to your entry. Just make sure you close your challenge and let us know you weren’t able to complete your miles.

If you have challenges for more than one person in your account, you’ll just need to switch profiles to see the other person’s challenge. Just tap the initials in the top right of your screen and choose ‘profiles’.

We’re really proud to say the Annual Pass prices have remained the same for the past 2 years! UK Annual Passes are £130.00 for adults and £98.00 for kids.

International passes are £185.00 for adults and £153.00 for kids.

You can enter each month’s challenge on the usual entry form. Just select your challenge and distance, then when you reach the checkout your pass and discount will be automatically applied to your account!

Absolutely! You can enter whichever challenge and whichever distance you like, and this can change each month. For example, if you’d like to walk one month and swim another, that’s fine!

Race At Your Pace are pleased to support a range of charities. Whilst we’re not able to support every worthwhile cause, we like to donate where we can. Click to see who we have donated to here

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