Race At Your Pace is an online motivational challenge. You select the distance you want to cover over the course of one calendar month, and then complete it anywhere in the world, entirely at your pace.

There are no set times, no minimum distance for each run and no problem if you aren’t able to squeeze in the miles on a busy day. You complete your month’s challenge as and when you want!

The suggested size guide is below. Please bear in mind the tops are compression tops and are designed to have a tight fit.


S – 8-10
M – 10-12
L – 12-14
XL – 14-16
2XL – 16-18
3XL – 18-20


S – 88cm
M – 92cm
L – 96cm
XL – 100cm
2XL – 104cm
3XL – 108cm

This depends on the option you select when you register. There are two options, medal only or medal and top. If you opt for the medal only challenge and you successfully complete the miles you pledged, you will receive a well-deserved shiny medal. But, if you decide to go for the medal and top option, and you finish all your miles, then not only will you get the all important shiny medal, but you will also receive a compression top too! The benefit of this option is, if for any reason you are unable to complete your challenge, you still get the compression top in the post! Win win!

Yes, you absolutely can. We suggest that you enter the challenge that you will cover the most miles doing as your medal will reflect this 🙂

Absolutely you can, you can enter any of our challenges!

Please see below to register for your challenge. It is straightforward and easy – it only takes a couple of minutes! When this is all done you will receive a confirmation email, and from 1st of the month you can get going on your miles!






They absolutely can! Under 16s can take part in run, walk, cycle and swimming challenges, with distances selected especially for them! Click here to find out more!

We know that many children aren’t able to record the miles they cover, but if they want to keep track of their progress they can print and colour in their very own tracker, with a different design each month! Click here to get yours!

The compression tops are sent out at the end of the challenge. All you need to do is complete the evidence form and let us know if you were able to complete your challenge. If you were, we will send your medal and top, if not just your top.

Of course you can! Please enter regardless of where you live, the event is open to everyone, everywhere. Unfortunately as it is more expensive to post your medal and/or compression top overseas we have to charge an additional £5 which will be applied at the end of your registration.

If you live in the US, please see our American site:

Even if you sign up after 1st of the month, any miles you have covered from the start of the month will count towards your challenge. We always advise you to sign up as early as you can though – we can’t guarantee late entries or challenge availability.

Sorry to hear this! If you entered a ‘medal and top’ challenge then please ensure you complete the end of race evidence form so we know to send your top. Just make sure you click ‘no’ to say you weren’t able to complete your miles, and submit the form. We won’t send anything to you until you fill out this form, so you need to let us know if you would like your medal and your top, or just the top.

We are unable to transfer from one month to the next due to the nature of the event. However, if its looking as if you won’t be able to reach your target you do have the option to reduce the number of miles on your challenge, subject to challenge availability. Just log into your account to make the change. All changes need to be made by 25th of the month and you won’t be able to make any changes after this date.

For more help with changing your distance, please click here.

Congratulations! Towards the end of the month we send out an email with a link to an evidence form. It’s on this form that you can let us know whether you have been able to complete your challenge. It’s really important that you complete this form, even if you haven’t been able to complete your miles. This is so we know what we have to send you.

You just need to fill in a few details, including your registration ID. This ID can be found on all the emails we send you throughout the month, including your confirmation email. The ID starts wit  ‘R-‘.  After you’ve filled this in, tick to say if you’ve been successful, and submit your evidence if you have it. Then, hit ‘submit’, and we will get your items on their way to you!

Click here for help with recording your miles

At the end of the month, we will send you an email asking you to complete a quick form. On this form we ask you to tick whether or not you were able to complete all the miles you’d pledged to cover, and if so to upload evidence of this. Which leads us to…

Evidence comes in many forms; whether you use a phone app, a spreadsheet, or simply write down the miles you’ve run on a good old notepad, it all counts! Please click here for more information on evidence, as well as some examples.

We also have a tracker each month that you can download and print. You can update it with your miles throughout the month, and a snap of this works perfectly as evidence too! Click here to get yours for this month!

Please remember that any evidence you submit does not determine the medal you receive, it just proves that you completed the miles on the challenge you registered for.

For UK participants the prices for the run, walk, bike and swim challenges are as below:

Top and Medal – £14.00

Medal only – £10.00

Kids Challenges

Medal only – £7.00

For overseas athletes there is an extra £5.00 charge to cover international postage.

After completing the entry form you will be transferred to the payment page. You can pay by credit or debit card.