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Race At Your Pace is a virtual challenge you choose yourself, and challenge yourself to complete. You select the distance you want to cover over the course of one calendar month, and then complete it anywhere in the world, entirely at your pace.

There are no set times, no minimum distance for each run and no problem if you aren’t able to squeeze in the miles on a busy day. You complete your month’s challenge as and when you want!

This depends on the option you select when you register. There are two options, medal only or medal and top. If you opt for the medal only challenge and you successfully complete the miles you pledged, you will receive a well-deserved shiny medal. But, if you decide to go for the medal and top option, and you finish all your miles, then not only will you get the all important shiny medal, but you will also receive a compression top too! The benefit of this option is, if for any reason you are unable to complete your challenge, you still get the compression top in the post! Win win!
Not at all! Many people choose to walk all or some of their challenge, whereas others prefer to only record the distance covered when they go out on specific runs. It’s your race, at your pace!

Sure can! We have three challenges especially for those under 16 to take part in, click here to find out more!

Definitely! We also have three distances for those who want a cycling challenge, click here to enter. You even get your own snazzy medal design! And pedal power only please, no cheating on your motorbike!
For UK athletes the prices for the running and bike challenges are as below:

Top and Medal – £14.00

Medal only – £10.00

Kids Challenges

Medal only – £7.00

For overseas athletes there is an extra £5.00 charge to cover postage.

After completing the entry form you will be transferred to PayPal to make payment. If you don’t have a PayPal account, no problem! There is an option at the bottom to pay with debit or credit card, please just select that.

Of course you can! Please enter regardless of where you live, the event is open to everyone, everywhere. Unfortunately as it is more expensive to post your medal and/or compression t-shirt overseas we have to charge an additional £5 which will be applied at the end of your registration.

That’s brilliant! We will always try to change your distance if we can, but this is subject to availability on the distance you want to change to. If you send a quick email to we will see what we can do.

Sorry to hear this! If you were taking part in one of the ‘medal and top’ challenges then please ensure you complete the end of race form that we email. All you have to do is click ‘no’ to say you weren’t able to complete your miles. This is crucial as we won’t send anything to you until you fill out this form, you need to let us know if you would like your medal and your top, or just the top.
Congratulations! Towards the end of the month we send out an email, asking whether or not you have completed your challenge. It’s really important that you complete this form, regardless of whether you have been able to complete all your miles or not. This is so we know what we have to send you.

You just need to fill in a few details, tick to say if you’ve been successful, and submit your evidence if you have it. Then, hit ‘submit’, and we will get your items on their way to you!

At the end of the month, we will send you an email asking you to complete a quick form. On this form we ask you to tick whether or not you were able to complete all the miles you’d pledged to cover, and if so to upload evidence of this. Which leads us to…
Evidence comes in many forms; whether you use a phone app, a spreadsheet, or simply write down the miles you’ve run on a good old notepad, it all counts! Please have a look at this link which has more information on evidence, as well as some examples. Please remember that any evidence you submit does not determine the medal you receive, it only proves that you completed the miles you registered to run.
Please CLICK HERE to register, it is straight forward and only takes a couple of minutes. When this is all done, you can get going on your miles! Now, where are those trainers…