Virtual Challenges for Corporate Teams

Corporate virtual running and walking challenges are gaining in popularity. They are a fun and effective way to promote fitness, encourage team bonding and improve mental health in the workplace. With many challenges available and it’s important to choose the right virtual running challenge for you. Race At Your Pace have a wide range of inclusive challenges to make sure that everyone in your team can get involved, and feel motivated!

  1. Distance-Based Running or Walking Challenges

Our monthly virtual challenges are all distance-based. Participants choose their distance and then have the entire month to work towards their goal. Whether you choose a team-based challenge or an individual one, participants can track their progress in our app. Everyone can celebrate milestones together as they collectively work towards their goals. In the app there is an inbuilt leaderboard to encourage friendly competition along the way, too! Our challenges offer flexibility as participants can choose their preferred running routes and pace, and can change the distance if needed at any stage. This makes the challenges inclusive as all participants with varying fitness levels can take part.

  1. Step Challenges

Our virtual step challenges work in the same way as our distance-based challenges. The only difference is that these challenges have a daily step target to meet, every day of the month. Employees can use pedometer apps or fitness trackers to monitor their steps and all steps will contribute towards your team goal. This challenge is particularly suitable for employees who may not be avid runners but still want to participate in a virtual fitness challenge with their colleagues. Step challenges encourage overall physical activity throughout the day and promote a healthy lifestyle beyond formal exercise routines.

  1. Cycling challenges

Many of your team may be keen to get involved in your virtual corporate challenge but don’t want to run. Instead, they may prefer to ride their bike to clock up the miles. Race At Your Pace can help with this, as we also offer virtual cycling challenges. Colleagues who are not runners can join your virtual challenge too! This challenge is also distance-based and everyone has the entire month to complete their chosen goal.

  1. Wheelchair challenges

If members of your team are wheelchair users, then they can also be involved in your corporate challenge. Race At Your Pace offers virtual wheelchair challenges with distances ranging from 5 to 100 miles. These inclusive challenges ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to take part and no one is excluded from a positive workplace initiative.

As an organisation you may choose to fundraise alongside your virtual challenge. That’s great! It’s easy to combine fitness and philanthropy by choosing to support a worthy cause. This gives your team extra motivation to stay active and engaged in their challenge. It means that your virtual challenge will benefit your team, your chosen charity and also your organisation too. Fundraising creates a positive impression of your company within your community and boosts your brand’s reputation. You can advertise your successes and the positive impact your donation has made. Employees will feel motivated to contribute to a meaningful cause all while achieving their fitness goals, improving their mental health and strengthening important workplace relationships!

Choosing the right virtual challenge for your team is key to it’s success. Race At Your Pace offers your team the ability to choose their own challenge whilst still contributing to the company’s goal. Whether it’s distance-based virtual running challenges, walking challenges, step challenges, cycling challenges, or virtual wheelchair challenges there is something for everyone. There are options available to cater to all preferences and fitness levels. By selecting the most flexible virtual running challenge, you can inspire and motivate your employees to stay active, connected, and engaged in a fun and inclusive way.

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