Rachel Gardner uses Race At Your Pace not just for her own fitness goals, but also for the support of raising her daughter to grow and become the best mother/daughter combo! Along with this Rachel is now studying to become a nurse! It’s people like Rachel that we are truly passionate about, as they realise the achievements made just by getting outdoors, keeping active and feeling great!
You can read Rachel’s comments below.

Race At Your Pace kickstarted me to lose weight. I started last summer because I loved the medals. They are a great incentive to get moving.

By November I was feeling more confident as I was getting out more with my baby. This gave me the encouragement to finally lose weight. Since the 1st November I have lost 5 stone 3lbs. The main exercise I do is walking and knowing I’m working towards my next medal keeps me focused. I always aim for at least 100 miles a month but last month I managed 158 miles!

Race At Your Pace has helped me get fitter. It’s also helping my daughter as we go out so often, she’s learning to interact with different people and is seeing some awesome things. Plus, now she’s walking she’s got an active mum who has lots of energy to play. I’m also studying to be a nurse. This time last year I would had never had the energy but now I do as the walking each day definitely helps me focus.