Race At Your Pace Win at 2019s The Running Awards

Entries for The Running Awards were vast and ranged from marathons and endurance races to clothing brands and nutrition. Brands such as Nike and Virgin were mixed among the list, so the competition was aligned with some of the biggest brands in the world. Race At Your Pace were in the running’s (pun intended) for the best virtual race of 2019, and took home the gold medal by coming out on top!

The Running Awards 2019

The Running Awards were set up to identify and recognise the best in running every year, which was established by their sister company Reality Awards Ltd in early 2013. The Running Awards recognised that there were many ‘running awards’ out there, but not one was adjudicated by truly independent voting and wanted to fill the gap. Public nominations and votes created the shortlisting for each category, and votes were re-opened for the final 3 in each category.

Race At Your Pace are a virtual challenger that provides monthly events across running, cycling and swimming for all ages and abilities that anyone can register for. Once registered, the individual will use that given month to complete the chosen distance whenever, wherever, and if successful shall receive a medal as a reward for all the hard work!

Being at the forepart of virtual challenges for some time, Race At Your Pace was recognised by the public as being one of the best virtual challenge providers within the running industry. The companies dedicated hard work and enthusiasm towards its ever-growing community was the turning point to stand them out from the crowd and to win 1st place for the Best Virtual Event category.

Race At Your Pace Win 2019 Award

Receiving the award is a huge achievement for not just the brand, but for everyone involved within the community. Race At Your Pace are passionate about rewarding its community with more than a sense of achievement for getting outdoors, keeping active and feeling great, and it is for this reason that makes the brand stand out from the crowd. It’s an achievement to showcase how far Race At Your Pace have come, and it couldn’t have been done without everyone getting involved.

Race At Your Pace commented;

Here at Race At Your Pace, we are passionate to what it is that we do, and we put all our time and effort into supporting you; our ever so inspirational community of athletes from all ages and abilities. Each individual has their own personal goal that you strive to achieve, and we love being an encouraging part of your journey.  

A virtual challenge is a place where you can shape your own goals and achieve them in the best possible manner that suits your lifestyle. We receive so many of your inspiring stories about why you started your journey and how far you have come, and it’s a pleasure to be a supporting factor to people’s lives.  

We are amazed not by just being nominated, but for being recognised and winning such an amazing category within The Running Awards. This award isn’t just for our thrill at Race At Your Pace, but is for a huge achievement with our community as a whole, you guys! We thank you, team!

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